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Ideal Cost was originally established as Palm Beach Merchant Services, a local consulting firm to service business in South Florida. After dozens of successful renegotiations it was time to expand nationwide and create a change of name to Ideal Cost. Our promise is to ensure that the local feel and attention to detail that made this firm successful on a local level will not be lost in the nationwide expansion or the change to Ideal Cost.

Ideal Cost's mission is to protect small, medium, and large business owners from being taken advantage of by their credit card processors. The credit card processing industry has deservedly earned an awful reputation in the business community. Between long-term contracts, constant rate hikes, and equipment pricing scams merchants are confused, intimidated, and frustrated with accepting credit cards. Until now, merchants haven't had a viable solution to receive a truly beneficial credit card processing rate structure. Many businesses have even sought relief from Congress to help impose some sort of regulation over the pricing structure of credit card acceptance, but haven't enjoyed much success.

Ideal Cost's mission is simple. We are hired by the merchant, represent the merchant, and move forward with only the merchantís best interest in mind. Ideal Cost performs merchant account audits, consulting, and more. Our goal is to separate ourselves from the stigma of the credit card processing industry. Ideal Cost allows business owners to stop worrying about their merchant account and return to more important matters in their business such providing the products and services and providing for their families. Thank you for choosing Ideal Cost.

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