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1. Monthly Savings Program

Ideal Cost audits and monitors your existing merchant account provider on a monthly basis. You save money without switching your processor. We guarantee that we will save you money every month or you will never pay us a penny. Our calculations are not based on your teaser discount rate, but rather your bottom line cost to process. Even though you have a discount rate of 1.39% your transaction fees, per item fees, surcharges, batch fees, monthly fees, and more could have you paying as much as 5%.

New Credit Card Processor:
  • Confuses the client with lengthy presentations about multiple rates and interchanges.
  • Forces the client to break their current processing contract and pay a termination fee.
  • Temporarily disables machine from use with lengthy software downloads (1-2 hours)
  • May require costly and unnecessary new equipment.
  • May take longer for the batches to show in your bank account.
  • Only offers enough savings to cause you to switch processors; will still overcharge you.
Ideal Cost:
  • We don't discuss your "rate." We look at the whole picture and reduce the total cost.
  • We are not a processor; no need to cancel and pay a termination fee.
  • No lengthy downloads, no new equipment, and no change in deposit delay.
  • We have to maximize your savings because a percentage of it goes to us! Win-Win!
  • We do all of the work for you and send you a detailed monthly report of your savings.
2. Multiple Proposal and Agreement Interview, Review, Negotiation and Selection

If you are considering setting up a new merchant account or wish to change processors you shouldn't go at it alone. Ideal Cost can help. We have no allegiance to any particular provider so we can help with any processors your company chooses, our company chooses or any combination you wish. Ideal Cost recommends selecting from at least three credit card processors.

Ideal Cost's functions include background research on the reputation of all processors involved including posted complaints, interviewing candidates, reviewing proposals and agreements, negotiating for better pricing and terms and finally revealing our selection in our proprietary Findings Report.

3. Merchant Processing Consulting

Are you thinking about accepting credit cards for the first time? Do you want consulting from someone who doesn't have to sell you anything? Get an unbiased comprehensive picture of what is involved in setting up a new merchant account. If it is not the right decision for your business we will tell you so. How many processing companies can make that claim?

For current merchants we make sure that the equipment is functioning correctly and you, as the business owner, won't find yourself liable for thousands of dollars in PCI violations. Many businesses that do not have the card present to swipe for every transaction process high risk transactions and may get a rate increase if they do not comply with important regulations including payment authorization, contract agreement, and specific card information.

Lastly, Ideal Cost is very experienced in winning chargeback disputes. With fraudulent chargebacks on the rise merchants need an partner that can help them win these disputes.