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"We expect to save over $7000 on our merchant processing fees this year, thanks to Ideal Cost."

Peter Bekkers
Owner of FKP USA
"Ideal Cost was referred to us by a trusted business partner, so we had high hopes for this relationship. From day one they have always been prompt with answers and better yet with results as promised. The set up was easy and the savings were immediate. It is hard to know what to expect in a world full of gimmicks and work around solutions, so we appreciate dealing with an honest and dependable company like Ideal Cost.

If you thinking about signing up, I would do so before you spend another month paying too much to your credit card processor. In today's economy a bottom line savings is often more valuable than top line growth."
Gary Fallon
G-Force Powersports Inc
"We used Ideal Cost to advise us when setting up our new merchant account. They negotiated with 12 companies and helped me select the best choice for our business. Ideal Cost did all of the work, which would have taken us dozens of hours. Ultimately, Robert's vast knowledge of underwriting guidelines helped us set up our merchant account as some providers may find our industry to be high risk. Robert negotiated very low fees with our new provider and we are very happy with our experience."
Nury Isaza
Owner of DealHeaven247
"After being hounded by friends, customers, relatives and telemarketers regarding my merchant services, and being totally confused by the rates being offered and what would be best for my business, I was referred to Robert at Ideal Cost to help me do the leg work. Robert was able to get me the best merchant service contract with the best fit for my store and point of sale system in a matter of days! He not only saved me a lot of money, he saved me time and made me feel at ease dealing with an area that I was not comfortable making a decision about on my own! I would recommend Ideal Cost to anyone in business using merchant services to process their credit cards!"
Sharon Truske
Owner of Turnstyle Clothing Stores
"I've worked with Ideal Cost for the last 6 months and they have saved me over $200 each month. Basically they negotiate for you, so you can get a better deal!"
Susan Russell
Owner of The Little Place and The Little Place Too
"Ideal Cost has proven to be phenomenal asset to our retail business! Our initial meeting started with my business issues which needed to be resolved quickly. I unsuccessfully attempted to work with a local branch of a large bank that has a representative always had excuses and never had results. Ideal Cost has saved us time, money, and of aggravation from dealing with our bank. Thank you for all of your expertise and help."
Karen Eng
Co-Owner of Palm Beach Tile Importers, Palm Beach Tile Importers of
Jupiter, and Palm Beach Tile Renovation and Restoration.
"Ideal Cost gives you the easiest way to save money without doing anything. Especially in an economy where every dollar counts, using Ideal Cost is a no-brainer for any business who accepts payments with credit cards"
David Batchelor
Owner of,, and
"Since starting our office furniture dealership in 2002 we were convinced that by taking credit card payments our sales would increase.

After experimenting with several merchant card processors we met Robert Livingstone of Ideal Cost who suggested an innovative way to help us process payments and lower costs of servicing our system with associated fees.

Ideal Cost began an analysis of all the cumbersome detailed fractional charges that can add up quickly when processing several credit card payments for sales. Ideal Cost not only analyzes our monthly statement fees from our provider but negotiates with them in our behalf to lower the actual costs of processing and then only takes half of what he saves for our business. What a unique way to have a professional team evaluate ever-increasing fees and only get paid for their services based on what they can save us. Additionally, when we have problems processing unusually high payments which flag our processor he steps in and coordinates in our behalf an agreeable solution to expedite the payment to our bank account.

I would recommend anyone wanting to save credit card processing fees allow Ideal Cost to evaluate your credit card system. You will be surprised how much over a year they can save any small or medium-sized business which is so important in the current economic climate."
Al Paglia
Owner of Palm Beach Contract Furniture
"I had a very positive experience with Robert from Ideal Cost from the very beginning of signing up to seeing the saving results on the monthly statement of our provider. His knowledge and customer service is top notch. Thank you Robert!"
Mario Rios
Owner of American Auto Transport
"I want to thank you and everyone at Ideal Cost for the outstanding service you have provided us. You have not only saved us money in ways I didnít think possible, but have become a trusted source of information in a field I was less than familiar with. I am very happy to be working with you and look forward to working with you for many years to come."
Bob Bradley
Owner of Bradley Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.
"I have worked with Ideal Cost and have referred them to several other businesses. Robert is a pleasure to work with and is very honest. In these hard economic times everyone is doing what they can to save money. Do yourself a favor and call him. You do nothing and he saves you money!"
Tammy Pietranton
Co-Owner of Loves Flower Shop
"I was skeptical when I heard that Ideal Cost could save us money on credit card processing without doing anything ourselves and without switching processors. They took the bull by the horns and saved me 20% each month. I highly recommend Ideal Cost."
Adam Steinhoff
Co-Owner of Dedicated IT
"You don't know how to talk to these companies, but Ideal Cost has a way to do it. It does work. I got better rates. I wouldn't know how to do that. We have been totally satisfied."
Jean Ehrbar
Owner of Wholesale Verticals